Monday, February 21, 2011

Wherez my stuff? Teetchers and all dim union adgeetaters hav had it to gud fer to long...Everybodee iz hirtin'

Exxon Mobil profit nearly doubles
By Ben Rooney, CNN staff reporter. December 29, 2010: 12:29 PM ET

NEW YORK ( -- Exxon Mobil Corp. reported quarterly earnings Thursday that easily beat analysts' expectations on higher crude prices.
The world's largest public energy company reported net income of $7.56 billion, or $1.60 a share, in the second quarter, up 91% from $3.95 billion, or 81 cents a share, in the same period in 2009.

Earnings for the first half of 2010, excluding special items, were $13.9 billion, up 60% over the first half of 2009.

Halliburton doubles profits
Source: Guardian; UK. January 15, 2011

Oil services company boosts revenue despite 'systemic failures' in Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster.

Halliburton boss Dave Lesar was 'very pleased' with the results.

Halliburton, the oil services company once run by former US vice-president Dick Cheney, doubled its profits in the last quarter of 2010, even as the US government tarred it with "systemic failures" in the BP Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster.


  1. My mom was a teacher, my dad is still a teacher, I know you are a teacher Charlie...

    Surely that 'Greedy Teacher' sign must be a sign celebrating the 'greed' teachers have for spreading knowledge and helping children turn into promising adults that can better our society and in turn better the world. Surely that must be the greed that old man is referring to.

  2. Bravo Kid Riemer...thatz why I love Salsa Bikes...Bravo!!!!

  3. Yo CF. I am not sure if you know, but I am married to a teacher. My wife and and I both think that teachers have it better than they say. Pay is not horrible, benefits are pretty good.

    The thing we both have a problem with is the almost impossibility of a teacher to be let go once they have tenure. I can think of two extremely glaring examples of teachers in her district that should have been fired, but because of the union they were simply pulled out of the classroom and given small meaningless roles at full salary. This is my problem with unions as it allows the undeserving to thrive right along with the most dedicated.

    Do you want 2 more of my cents? The news loves to focus on test scores and show how that is a direct reflection on teachers without taking in to account other factors. I swear when I grew up parents transforming from the "buck up and study" mentality to the "my kids deserves and 'A', why did you screw him over?". Parents have stopped supporting the teacher and instead have become adversarial.

    THAT is what I think needs the most attention. It causes poorer student attitude and ethic, and also burns out teachers. My wife is lucky enough to have a principal that understands these parents.

    Other than that I also don't like how certain teachers think it is appropriate to encourage the wearing of diapers for fully able adults.

  4. I know of a bad teacher or of a teacher that I do not like...therefore Unions are bad. If we get rid of the Unions and cut pay to all workers then teachers will be good...

  5. I didn't say they were bad across the board. Just that the protected status teachers get can drive a person nuts.

    And those 2 cases were not of dislike. The 2 teachers were doing things that would have gotten fired instantly from any private company job, but instead they were given positions AWAY from the kids that were simple and mindless because of the union.

    There is most definitely something to be said for the collective approach to job benefits. I would not argue that. It is just like all things, it can get out of hand sometimes.

  6. I was a Ind. Tech. teacher for 5 yrs in an urban high school and by the last year I had enough and quit. People who have never taught don't know the stress, paperwork (NCLB), challenging students, and responsibility teachers have to deal with. Most teachers I taught with had summer jobs to make ends meet. Starting pay for me was around 28K. People who feel that teachers make too much and have too many "benefits" can go piss up a rope in my opinion.