Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am in the middle of whatz been a great couple weeks of cycling...

A week ago, I had a blast on my four day sojourn (in search of honor lost) and then on Sunday, I very much enjoyed the Great Hawk MN Series Race (held just 9 minutes from my house @ Lester Park) where I rode me trusty Gunnar. In just a few dayz time I will race the Grand Fondo to be commenced in Dodgville, WI. It is a 300 K road race that boasts 20,000+ ft of climbing!!!

I have already written of the sojourn in search of Honor (elusive honor was not found), so I shall now submit a few words on the recent mtb race held on the trails of Lester-- It is a wonderful venue complete with very fast, tight, and smooth lines through majestic pines. It was great seeing all my old racing buddies. Guyz that I don't see as much now that I have begun to pursue the longer, more obscure events. I now race in the kinds of races that are reserved for the forsaken and outcasts of society... In any event: Thanking COGGS and Ski Hut and all the other volunteers and contributors for a top-notch race experience. Gear wise, I went with what was on my bike (34X19), which turned out to be spot-on. I was able to climb all the hills and still felt like I could "give 'er" on the flats. There was a long down-hill that came at the end of each lap that was inclined to the degree as to cause the gearing to be overwhelmed and so I had to just sit back at let gravity to itz thang, but otherwise I felt like it was a fine set-up for that course. Yet just as I was getting in the groove, figuring out the fastest way around the course, and feeling good--The race was over!...Too short for an old guy that has lost any and all fast-twitch muscles (if I ever had any.)

Distance should not be an excuse at the Grand Fondo (Google: Dairyland Dare).
More to photos to come...


  1. It was fun watching the locals battle it out at Lester. Here's a link to some photos I posted on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2011042528159.2095924.1606647256&l=ea3b710d31&type=1

  2. Thanks Boz!!! Very Cool!!!
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