Monday, November 7, 2011

Freedom...just another word for "nothing left to..."

A rambling muse on the term, Freedom (excerpts from a most interesting contextual political lesson that morphed into a discussion on the word, freedom)...I love my job as I am surrounded by brilliant youths!!!!

Freedom is a term that is so general that itz hard for me to conjure an image in my head. Freedom from something is really how I view the word…Because to be “free” seems too big of a concept to aspire to. In other words no one is truly free…the fact is that Dylan was right…in that everyone and anyone is “gonna have to serve” somebody or something, some fundamental concept, some protocol for living ones life...
In my life, I perhaps felt most free when I was deep in the mountains of southeast Alaska many many years ago; alone with no opportunity for distraction (free to pursue one's passion without distractions), climbing with a small group of like minded men...or more recently, when battling the long night in Iowa during last year's Trans-Iowa with Eki. So my freedom is not equated to notions of safety or comfort.
I guess to me... Freedom is essentially a state of mind or a dimension of consciousness... Thus only the individual himself or herself can control the degrees of freedom. I cannot take your freedom from you. I may be able to hold you and coerce you to do my will, but I cannot take your freedom from you…Freedom is therefore inherently a personal choice or a state of being....
Freedom is abstract and intangible….ever changing in context and meaning…perhaps I’d draw a river that is in a constant state of flux to represent this notion. Degrees of Self-determination is a good synonym for the word, freedom.
In my view, using the term "Freedom" in the context of war is often an empty word used by war-mongers to motivate the youth to do the dirty work of war...
Again in my view Freedom and War are words that are incongruent in most instances throughout history... Beware of those who promise you "freedom."


  1. I recall taking a deep breath, looking to the sky, and seeing an endless sea of stars. Exhausted and battered, but FREE!

    Oh Iowa...

    I raise a glass to you!

  2. Exactly boys. Don't confuse the political-driven false definition with the true God-given definition, the quest for peace and self-worth deep within our souls