Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Excerpt from a newly released Wikileaks: DBD in total disarray...? "I am utterly alone..."

“To a man utterly without a sense of belonging, mere life is all that matters. It is the only reality in an eternity of nothingness, and he clings to it with shameless despair.” Eric Hoffer

Dear Sir Mallory:

When it became public record that they, the four former members of the Northern DBD Colony, would not be going with to Tuscobia, I felt nothing. Maybe there was a momentary sense of loss, an inexplicable yet distant awareness of sadness but really it was nothing. I am alone. I have always been alone. For me there is only the road and my Pugsley...
....Give Sir Shackleton all my best…I leave for Park Falls on Thursday. Of course, I require no support, will do my best, but expect no recognition upon my return. Should I not return, know that I fought the good fight and leave my corpse to the lofty wolves...
By the way, thank you very much for the new revolver and the portable amputation kit.
Your humble servant,


  1. Godspeed on your journey, fine sir. We are honoured at your presence.

  2. Farrow, pretty sure fellow like you alone much of his life. GodSpeed.