Friday, February 3, 2012

The AH135 does NOT dissappoint...and I'll do better next year, when I'm lighter....

A precursor to a more detailed race report:
Random musings:
· Team Pramann put on a world class event. Every conceivable detail was handled in a first class manner…Simply top-notch from the check-in to the raffling of thousands of dollars worth of great gear to the sweet T-shirts to the treats that waited the finishers to the ride back to I-Falls.
· The field every year gets more competitive. The Alaskans are clearly at the top of the food chain in this genre. In their company I am always worried that I am going to soil myself.
· The guyz from Nordakota are alwayz super nice and funny…so is Josh Peterson (aka Deathrider)...

· Dittmer and Doom were right there... pushing it hard…pretty special! I know those guyz!!!!
· Dittmer, Doom, Tri, and McFadden all should be included amongst the favorites for next year. I know those guyz!!!!!
· If Buffington skis it next year, his name shall be forever linked to this race as itz greatest all-around participant. Hez a good friend of mine!!!!!
· Don Clark’s wife knows how to cook a “mean” pasta.
· The Canadians are about as agreeable and pleasant as any group of people on earth.
· I still love Jason Novak and Jeremy Kershaw may well be able to quit his day job in the near future...

· Here’s a bit of the defeatist rationale that I relied upon when I decided to pull over and bivy around 9:00 p.m. on Monday evening along the AH trail with ~35 to 40 miles to go to the finish , “ There’s reason why they want us to bring all this gear, it makes no sense not to use it…”
· I must be Okay cuz I am already thinking about how I can go faster next year…
· A full report next week…


  1. Charlie,

    Some pictures of you from the big race ...

    I recognized your name ... your brother works with my mother.


  2. Dear Mr. Farrow,

    Thank you for not using your DBD-issued revolver. Though your fellow mile 98 bivy-mates could have left your carcass for the wolves in a circle of life sort of way, what would we have done with your Pugs? Race rules strictly prohibit littering. Congratulations on yet another Arrowhead finish. In contrast to your self-admonishment, to you sir I say: kudos.


    A fellow, albeit slower, adventurer