Thursday, February 2, 2012

New stunning revelations from WikiLeaks

Wikileaks discovers two divergent, albeit secret “Arrowhead 135” cables from DBD Headquarters:

Dear Dr. Buffington:
In glorious honor of your amazing man-hauling achievement at this year’s Arrowhead 135 it is with great pleasure that we extend to you a knighthood, thus entitling you all the privileges and rewards associated with this esteemed status including the title of Sir Buffington of the DBD.

In the spirit of Mawson, Shackleton, Nanson, Crazy Horse, and the like, your ability to spurn adversity with good cheer and modesty is characteristic of all Great Leaders of MEN—To accomplish brave acts of endurance whilst all the time maintaining the highest level of amicability and geniality is truly a source of inspiration to all members of the DBD.

We are all better off when we have you in our company…
Well done, Sir Buffington, Well done!

With admiration,
Sir George Mallory

Mr. Farrow:
Sir Mallory would like to meet privately with you, promptly. Please have your personal paperwork in order and bring with you to the meeting any and all references, documentation, and equipment you may have in your possession that have any association to the DBD organization (including your club revolver and club-issued ammunition). It may behoove you to have a word or two with your loved ones as well. Loki, the Man-dog will be found a good and proper home.
E. Shackleton


  1. I'm laughing my ass off right now!

  2. Clues::
    Air France Concorde
    Christa McAuliffe, Concord, NH
    Carnaval's Costa Concordia
    Concord:::In the "eye of The Beast"
    Downey Savings
    90s:: "He gets 4 years.", "(His chance is OVER!!)":::2.1.03 (SS Columbia) & 11.26.03 (Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde).
    My miracle of Ocean Beach, witnessed by MILLIONS on the West Coast
    Mt. Zion:::Slowly being eaten away until one day paradise is gone forever
    Carry That Weight
    Unit 731::TSUSHOGO
    Zastava Koral

    "Something happened (which casued the market to fall to 6500.)" Told managers of CalPers funds to sell/manipulated CalPers' holdings?
    Allowed the hustlers who got out of the market at/near its peak 90s, into real estate, out at real eastate market peak 05-07 to buy stocks dirt cheap and get back into the market at 6500.

    In the course of decay and deterioration of the favor of the people the gods instructed their clone host tools in corporate to make changes to their products and subsequently in people's lives. The switch to plastic/disposable-based packaging is an outstanding example. Another is the extensive use/proliferation of disposable diapers. Whereas diaper services were the norm during the 20th cenutry a change occurred in the 70s/80s and parents began to incurr evil upon their children, and sadly in some cases think they were "earning" off their own infant children!!!

    "Poisoning their brainwashed minds." xtainity brainwashed you. Liberalism is the poison.
    The gods used xtainity to demonize Lucifer, ensuring people refused to heed the teachings of THE SECOND COMING!!!. Lucifer is the Second Coming of Christ!!!
    xtianity is the product of the Apostle's books of the New Testiment and can't be trusted to contain the true teachings of Jesus Christ. Just like each one of you corrupt whores, the gods could have tempted them with immortality if they lied when writing the New Tesatiment. Then the gods dictated verbatim specifically to parlay into the destructive phenominah known as xtianity.
    We have seen the gods engage in similar behavior to keep people away from good religions, with the Jews in Palestine and Muslims recently post-9.11, demonizing both.
    This is another of the god's wicked curveballs, their reverse positioning tool extensively employed, utilizing positioning to prepare for the Apocalypse and your "consolation prize" of "1000 years with Jesus on Earth".

    "1000 years with Jesus" may start at different times for different people::::
    Medical advances I mention below may already be invented, courtesy of biotechnology, but reserved for the wealthy.
    Proof money is not favor:::Not only will they die before the masses, since their clock began sooner, but some of these individuals may have been "guinea pigs" in the perfection of these advances.
    Just clone host fakes who were sold they are the lucky ones anyways.

    Even as peasant farmers we could be lulled::Good weather, bountiful harvests, etc. This illustrates old-world preacher's effectiveness::::
    This stereotypical preacher had classic preaching styles:::Loud, damnation-fueled teachings. Contrast to today, preachers who are lulling the Damned into "cruise control, the old-world style was important to snap people out of complacency. Unfortunately, in today's enviornment people consider this style insulting, and they lose a precious message designed for the favored of yesterday.