Friday, October 1, 2010

Op-Ed Piece on the Heck of the North

Letter to the editor: For the secretive DBD…About this time last year, or 366 dayz ago will forever be considered, A day that will live in infamy. Specifically, one year and one day ago, three men of indisputable honor committed acts of such shameless depravity that the fall-out from their deployable actions threatened to dissolve the prestigious DBD organization forever more. One of them (Farrow) was later fully exonerated by the DBD Honor Board, but his otherwise record of purity was forever tarnished. As for the other two, they shall take their dishonor to their graves! Both Eki and Buffington with wanton and conscious willingness quit the Heck of the North race and then took rides from spectators rather than doing their duty!!! Afterwards Eki, in an act of desperation (with hints of displaced honor), threw himself off the Enger Tower, but sadly survived. Buffington is said to have attempted the use of a hand gun to save honor, but later claimed mechanical dysfunction. To allow these two scoundrels to race tomorrow surely calls into question Kershaw’s commitment to the DBD!! Why not let Landis and Contador race as well? Oh the shame!!!

George Mallory
Ernest Shackleton
Bill Tilman


  1. There seems to be a rather glaring dismissal of the "burning house" incident.

  2. I have not yet begun to fight!


  3. It was fun riding with you guys until the 42 mile mark with the trail - should have stayed on your wheels - not follow the group that went on the 1st turn. Good times - for my first event on gravel - fun times. I look forward to next year - and maybe to tuscobia.
    dave b.