Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An unencumbered muse...did I spell "unencumbered" right?

I'm I was when Guy, Mike and I approached the summit of Mt. Logan way back in the day!!! That was in the early 90s and I am still using most of the gear I used then, today...including my Patagonia Ninja top, my J-Rat hat, my Dachstein wool socks, and my Granite Gear mitts...Good gear is worth it, don't skimp, buy the good stuff and abuse the hell out of it...The Pugsley was spot on and I suspect that it will hold up for years and years to come.
A completely spontaneous, Bell’s Two Hearted Ale-aided muse with no rules of order, grammar, or focus or continuity…just whatever is on my mind right now…Note: A concerted, calculated written effort to follow, once me brain clears…
Lindsay Gauld and Andy Lockery are two of the most fascinating people I have ever met, if I can even come close to emulating them, I shall be a happy man on me death-bed. Among so many other interests, endeavors, and pursuits, they put on the RED ASS 300 which is still one of the best races I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. I knew that Mary and Dave Pramann would do an amazing job with the Arrowhead 135; they are simply the epitome of what is great about AMERICA. The Arrowhead 135 to my way of thinking is an extraordinary "should-not be missed" event, if you have not experienced it, your life is unfulfilled, so save up, buy a clown-bike and do it in 2012!!! Dave and Mary put on a top notch race and give any extra $$$ to a great charity. The whole weekend is a fascinatingly fun time filled with esoteric characters from all over the place...NOTE: Don’t be scared of the runners (or skiers) for they are harmless. This is the kind of race that should be on everyone’s “TO DO LIST.” I knew Dr. Buffington had it in him to ride with the Great Jeff Oatley, I knew it! To be able to hang with Oatley for 115 miles is a great accomplishment and speaks to the kind of motor Oatley has in his arsenal. I also knew that Jeremy Kershaw would finish high up in the running division (even though he aint no runner), but I did not think that he would finish in second place, which to me is almost as impressive as Jason’s effort, but I should have known it, I should know better than to ever have doubted his ability, but he is a rather humble guy, but tough as nails, still I am so impressed w/ both Buffington and Kershaw. No really when a guy really is forced to think about it, Kershaw’s effort is just as impressive as Buffington’s effort (both efforts confound me and I am in awe!). Of course, I think, itz hard for me (and all cyclists) to empathize with the geeky runners (not that I consider Kershaw or Reed to be runners, per se), but still 135 miles in those conditions on foot is most impressive (methinks that a REAL DBDer should walk it at least one time in one’s life time? Next year I may try and “jog” the damned thing!)... I also knew that Jim Reed would finish because I know him and he don't aint in him, I knew Greg Ames would do well because of his inner-strength and great personality and I knew Dave Simmons would finish because he does everything right from work to family to adopting the revolutionary Man-Diaper…I didn’t care if Rick finished because hez a good guy no matter what and thatz what really matters when itz all said and done. I knew that Charley Tri would either finish in the top three or that he wouldn’t finish, hez got a medical condition that would keep 99% of cyclists out of an event like this, but he still tried and in my book thatz HUGE!!! I know that Josh Peterson is a great mountain biker, but he surprised the Hell of me with his amazing effort. I continue to be impressed with the Alaskan, Jeff Oatley. He is a really nice guy and he has a really impressive wife, Ms. Best, that also impressed the HELL OUT OF ME!!! I accept Lance Andre as a man of great determination and zeal, he is a talented cyclist, I like him a lot, and I want him to stop being so hard on himself! Lance is one tough cookie and look for him to be in the top four in Alaska. He wanted to win this one and he gave it is all and to my way of thinking; thatz all a Man can do... I am pumped for Bill Shand because he is Bill Shand and hez Canadian and Canadians are cool, and hez great guy that loves his family and yet still is always out-there pushing it to the limit of endurance. I really really like Jason Novak because he is the son that I never had and I knew he would finish, just like I knew that Tim Roe and Maxwell would finish and how I knew that John Storcamp would win the running division. I knew that I could not beat Dan Dittmer or Ben Doom and I suspect that if they stick with the sport they will come to dominate it, but not before Buffington wins it next year unless we see Pramann's return in 2012, then all bets are off!... They are young, strong, and good fellas! It is always wonderful to see Dave Gray and his totally cool Dad every year at this event. Team Grelk was the model of helpfulness as were all the volunteers including Pat Susnik, Matt Long, and the nicest guy ever from Milwaukee. Team Linder from Warroad gives me hope for the future of this great nation. Don Clark will finish the 2012 Arrowhead 135 on a puke gold Pugsley. Cousin J, Kurth, and Finch are essential elements that make this event “so gosh-darn fun.” I am sure that I missed some guyz that should have been mentioned, like for example Pat White and the other top-notch guyz from Nord-dacoeta but they will forgive me cuz they always do….I know that Mike S. of Duluth is bummed about not skiing it, but he has already skied it and thatz more than the rest of us can say, 'cept Kershaw, Maxwell, and Roe. more to come...and again please forgive me if I left you off this rant...I'll make it up to you...Phil Jemaleeta (or something like that); I still owe you a beer! I'll get that done next year in I-Falls....


  1. aint aint a word and you aint supuosed to use it

    P.S. you done good ;)
    From:Gabby Mangan
    Rick's daughter

  2. nice job...'haven't been on here in a while, I've got some reading to do it seems.

    see ya there next yr, I've run out of reasons not to see what the fuss is about.

  3. How abouts that Jacques Boutet? What an outstanding character he was.
    Truly DBD standard will be the run, or the ski, or the Trois!


  4. thanks for the last minute "gear raping" you and simmons gave us newbie nodaks. Saved us 20lbs and likely got us 20 miles farther before we threw in the towel. For the record, if there are soft, warm sheep out there they aint on sheep ranch road. Looked everywhere. --Brent Kaiser

  5. YAY Charlie
    way to git r done