Friday, June 24, 2011

Well Done is in order....with reservations

Coming from the Manliest of the pure sports of cycling and alpinism; I have never backed away from expressing my belief that the whole paying some old skinny guy to do some kind of running thing is an odious affair. While it maybe acceptable to run from the authorities from time-to-time (or the like); to involve oneself in a running contest against a bunch of malnourished guyz simply to get from Point A to Point B is ludicrous. Of course running a marathon is certainly not as loathsome as partaking in a triathalon or a duathalon or a gigathon or whatever the new contrivance maybe. Yet, a local restaurateur does offer an annual and rather nice, "safe" venue from which these often ridiculed and marginalized peoples can meet en masse and do their running against one another... allowing for these skinny, shy, sensitive people to engage in time comparisons, footwear discussions, nipple cream dissertations, and the like in a sealed off area, safe from roguish thugs, cyclists, Republicans, and the like.

In any event, I do want to publicly express my congratulations to Brent Smith on a job well done in last weekend's Grandma's Marathon in which he won, impressively, his age group in a time of something like 2 hours and 45 minutes. (also finishing very high overall). While a weighty amateur on a basic bicycle could complete such a course in ninety minutes or less (a professional could do the course in fifty minutes or less), still it was a fine effort for a runner! Bravo Brave Brent Smith, Bravo Old Man!!


  1. I want to know what you've done with J. Buff. I've heard hide nor hair of him for some time and I want to be assured that he inhabits the realm of the faithful and the livin'. Maybe he's out there ringin them bells and tellin the British that we will not be without our arms.

  2. J Buff suffered a closed head injury from his crash at Dirty Benjamin. He's amnestic and has reverted back to his college days of foul language and drinking Jim Beam straight. We no longer talk about him at DBD headquarters. Let him go.


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