Friday, January 27, 2012

Rolling Out the Red Carpet in International Falls, Minnesota

I am nearly too excited to put ink to paper….the Grand Winter Gala is but a few dayz hence. I can’t wait to see all the other fabulous attendees, the bright shiny new bikes and velo techno-gizmos, coupled with all the pre-race fanfare…

The anticipation is killing me!!!! Lance will arrive upon the red carpet with his carbon festooned titanium super ride, whilst a confident Charly Tri shall arrive—leading his entourage amid the throngs of envious on-lookers. The fabled veteran Lindsay Gauld shall arrive in royal grandeur assisted by his trusty man-servant Sir Andy Lockery. The noteworthy and favored interlopers from Wyoming and Alaska shall cause the fans and media alike to momentarily stop and stare in admiration.

Even several of the malcontented marginalized runners will elicit some interest (apart from their own kind) as the charismatic and brave Buffington has opted to beat them at their own game….Oh the expectancy is unrivaled, unbearable, I’m like a little school girl prepping for her first high school dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you all in International Falls…I’ll be the older and rather stooped gent with the boyish good looks :)