Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another Great DBD Ride with Tim Ek

“Cinderella….you will not be going to the Grand Ball, for real!”

My trusty training partner, the stout-hearted Eki and I in both honor of the start to the 2008 Ultra-sport from Knik to Nome, Alaska and in anticipation of the upcoming 2008 Trans-Iowa IV embarked on DBD #4 at approximately 4:00 a.m. on Saturday, morning. Again, because of national security issues of the highest degree, I must limit any narration to generalities consistent with high level, federally established and mandatory guidelines (of course these guidelines are highly classified and therefore not available to the public; in the interest of protecting the citizens from “the enemy that lurks just below the surface”).

From my XXXXXX, a youthful visionary endowed with a perpetual XXXXXXX machine that is hard to miss!!! It is such leadership and commitment that will enable this XXXXX to just keep getting, stronger, bigger and better. After XXX XXXXX completed, Tim Ek was already getting fired up for the next XXXX, when he hopes to have a consummate XXXXXXX race XXXXXX complete with XXX separate Iowan XXXX…Although the Northland has been inundated the past three weeks, a shy reluctant sun XXXX made rare appearance as the XXXXX XXXX… X. XXXX, he's from Wisconsin, then there's XXXXX XXXXX, northern Iowa.

Standing next to the XXXXXXX, I looked up and just caught a glimpse of XXXXX. Eki went on to finish the XXXXXX! Ultimately, it was a XXXXX time for all and at the conclusion the XXXXX and family members were all treated to XXXX, XXXXXX, and XXXXXX life-giving XXXXXXX, brownies, even cheese dogs!!!! This is a wonderful local Route!!!!

So as you can see it was an amazing ride!


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