Friday, February 1, 2008

I am done in........

Perseverance betrays me, I have grown too old, the fire deep within my loins, deep within my soul has been snuffed out....Oh the lament!!!! The thought of 20 hours, maybe more on the run…running on empty…running the gauntlet…dinning with the old demons…And for what??? It don't mean nothin'...The absurdity of it all…that’s it I am OUT...I am NOT GOING...Good luck to the rest of the group. I am going home to the couch. ...I mas...cayest...
No more!!!
Good luck to the young fellas, oh to be young again!!!! The exuberance of youth, the innocence of youth...I am DONE...........Yes, I am done...the pressure is off!!! I am already getting fired up for the Super Bowl! Whose playing? I want the Packers to win!!! I am gonna find a party, you know the kind, where everybody drinks when the big huge guy scores a TOUCH DOWN, or the little skinny guy kicks a field goal...


  1. You have got to be kidding!

    See you on Saturday night or Sunday.

  2. OK, Super-bowl party in I-Falls Sunday. My lovely wife is a BIG Packer fan, maybe Gabrielson is too. Either that or he's sick of them. So you can cheer with her. I always knew all of you were a bit daff.
    It shouldn't take you 20 hours I'm thinking 14-15 if that storm behaves and you don't crash much or flat 5 times. Then we can hit the IronRange bars and go out and watch the other folks finish. Or since you teach at Esko I should say Finnish.

  3. No excuses for you. The only lamenting should be how you took third because you weren't used to a sprint finish with the likes of DP, JC, and DG. Or maybe how your narrow tire dug into the snow during the sprint, take your pick. All will go well, as your rooming with the ND boys.

  4. Whatever is happening deep within your loins should not be shared with the rest of the world. Good luck!

  5. Are you serious?! Common man I have money down on you. You were my dream team quarter back, the head honcho, the big cheeze, the savior of the universe. All that training for what? To run away with your tail between your knees.You can't let us down now,not after the suspensefull build up.

  6. So you HAD to pull our chain, did you think we wouldn't find out?