Friday, February 8, 2008

Bully...Well done Arrowhead Finishers!!!! Churchill would have been proud of you!!!

I am crazy busy, so it will be several dayz before I can find time to write up a thorough race recap...but let me just say that Winston Churchill would have been impressed by those that finished....quick personal kudos and props to Dave P, Greg P, Don G, Dave S, Dave G, Doug R, Lance A, Spencer K, Josh P, Pierre O, Joel C, Ken K, the dude from Warroad, the skier, etc....I love the Arrowhead 135!!!!


  1. Churchill would have said "well done Brannick" and "well done Arrowhead Finishers"
    Always be a good sport.

  2. Churchill is a great read and always touches on giving credit where credit is due, even if you don't want to give credit.
    Just because your preception doesn't warrent praise doesn't make is so, often there is another part to the story that is left untold due to bias.