Monday, November 3, 2008

DBD #1: There is so so so little time to prepare for the up coming CLASSICS!!!!

D.B.D. #1: Six hours and nineteen minutes with my training buddy, Eki Hondo, on Sunday. We left our respective and comfortable abodes at 4:40 a.m. and met at the Copper-top church as the bells chimed five times. From there we crossed the Bong Bridge, rode thru a sleeping, hungover Souptown gaining access to the old gravel railroad bed that follows the Great Lake’s coastal contour across northern Wisconsin and is now frequented by weighty ATVer and soon-to-be obese snowjetters. The gravel makes for a great training ground for the Trans-Iowa and other spring gravel classics. Given our strict adherence to mandated DBD training schedules/protocols coupled with the infinite hours available to the local "Joe Six-Packs" for viewing pro football games on Sundays, we rode uninterrupted nearly all the way to Brule, WI and then turned and headed back the way we had come…The first DBD training ride of the season is in the books!!!

Feeding the Rat: 15.6 hours for Week #2 of the Winter Training Season (including DBD #1). Note: Cumulative Total: 32.5 hours...I will never be in shape for the AH 135!!!

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  1. Thanks for the info Charlie. Last night I booked in 85 miles and 2 miles before the end of my ride I was booking it uphill when one of my pedals exploded. I was riding a Crank bros Acid pedal. The spindle broke and half and I almost killed myself. I hurt my knee, hip, shoulder and head. Not even talk about the bike. Any suggestions on a tough pedal that will endure long miles. The acids had about 1,600 miles on them before total disaster.
    thank you,