Monday, November 24, 2008

If loving her is wrong....I don't want to be right!!!

I have so much to be thankful for...we all do. Family, friends, you know, all that stuff...But I am most thankful for BELL'S EXPEDITION STOUT.
Feeding the Rat: The trails in Duluth right now are as good as it gets...No bugs, no mud, no tourons, amazing traction, even the skinny neurotic runners are nowhere in sight...Get OUT and ride, RIDE LIKE the WIND....To be free again....The highly covert DBD #4 is scheduled for this weekend, if I don't make it back, know that I died with a smile on my face :)


  1. That beer is like a meal. Drink 4 of them and start riding. Once the alcohol wears off you have nutrion for about 18.5 hours. We had some last week and it knocked my socks off!!
    Too bad Duluth is so far from Sycamore, IL.

  2. Ever try SouthShore brewery's stout, good stuff!