Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I love winter....

Itz 10:30 P.M. and about 17 degrees below zero, not counting that silly wind-chill factor that tries to figure how cold a guy would “feel” iffing he was naked hanging from the top of a flag pole (Mallory refuses to calculate wind-chill, he likes to say, “We don’t figure wind-chill cuz we do not go around naked in public. We are a modest sort, unlike the French.”). In any event, my point is that it is perfect training conditions for the Winter Formal (aka Arrowhead 135). I am just back from a 2.5 hour ride up in Hartley Park, which is a 17 minute ride from my house. Hartley contains great single-track and thanks to the snow-shoe crowd, right now the trail is…well like the kids like to say…The single track is AWESOME! The deer are all hunkered down in the deep forest and when I came into that section, my light highlighted their eyes…and it was good.


  1. I just got done having a two hour long asthma attack. If I am not too tired and depleted from it I will ride tomorrow. I can keep my whole body and hands warm but my feet still give me issues. Do you have any recomendations.

  2. It's only -22f and schools are closed? I do believe Mallory would have none of this if he were involved in the school system. But, it does give you another good day to test your resolve against the elements.

  3. Josh P and I did 2.75 hours last night in the river bottoms at -18F. The only wind chill was when we practiced for the Arrowhead, pissing while riding. Otherwise we are with Mallory. Whiskey in our water bottles stayed fluid until it was gone. We rode frozen lakes, huge hills far bigger than Duluth and long untracked flats....perfect!

    dave p