Thursday, January 29, 2009

NYTimes Headline: "Farrow has his worst year ever, but will not ask federal government for bail out monies..."

"I think he likes to do winter bike races because no one else does them and so I think he thinks he might have a chance at winning." Sophie Farrow, irreverent offspring of a cyclist in decline

Good news for my loyal minions and bad news, no REALLY BAD NEWS for Pramann, Brannick, Lance, Curiak, Peterson, Simmons, Shand, Lindsay, and The new kid from Iowa that Lance is bragging up, et. al. The author's momentary lapse into melancholia has passed with the aid of anti-dementia drugs, a tempestuous scolding from Mallory, a vote of no-confidence from the DBD, and the threat of baby-sitting duties should I stay home...So to the rest of the AH 135 BOYZ--Prepare for a humiliating defeat or worse, cuz I am back and I am bringin' Rosinante...
PS...Every one is going to miss Don Gabrielson...A finer MAN I have never met (other than Sir George Mallory, of course)....


  1. I hope your wearing that sock tonight, it's a bit chilly on the arrowhead trail.