Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Glaris...Thank you!!!

Sure our banks are dysfunctional, our cars are junk, our manufacturing is dinosaur-like, and our health care is out of reach for most of us...Yet we still got dedicated guyz that can brew a fine barley product, and I am NOT talking about Pabst or the like...
Uff-da by New Glaris...a small little operation in southern Wisconsin...
"Here is a Bock brewed to appease the Gods of Winter. Hearty and full-bodied this is a "Big" bier. Brewed in the Reinheitsgebot tradition, our Bock comes by its mahogany hue naturally. You can expect this bier to be complex and smooth with deep chocolate and coffee undertones, complementing the rich bouquet. No matter if you choose to enjoy our Bock before, during or after dinner, remember to serve at about 48°F. Because like many good things in life... the warmer Bock is, the sweeter it gets."
Style: Bock . Flavor :Smooth deep chocolate and coffee undertones
Alcohol: 6.75% alcohol by volume


  1. Shut Up Charlie! Now the masses will know and price will rise! What are you thinking? Do you think my fridge is full of water at little northwoods concubine in Cable.
    Anyway, you voluntarily missed the "mans weekend" up the shore by Cascade River. We had 3 days of pugs, ski, snowshoe, glissade, rappel, bonfires, Devils Track/Cascade/Kadunce/Split Rock, Gitchee Gummee pugs, etc. Fantastic. Too bad for you.
    See you in Iowa!
    love dave p

  2. I just got drinking 3 kalamazoo stouts after battling 50mph winds for two hours. I feel sooo good.

  3. Charlie,
    I might do a midnight ride again and ride til the sun comes up. Tomorrow I am off work and will take it easy.
    I found a new oatmeal stout brewed in Chicago.
    It is called "Stockyard Oatmeal Stout" brewed in Chicago.
    Will give you an update soon. I am charging up the batteries and getting ready for some dinner.