Monday, March 23, 2009

Ragnarök 105 (on April 18th) is the first of three "spring classics." Do the math:
The Ragnarok 105, the Trans-Iowa, and the Almanzo 100...Over five hundred miles of racing, all on remote gravel, all FREE with lots of great prizes including whiskey and beer, all in April & early May, and all within pretty easy driving distance of Duluth...How great is that!!! Compare that to the opportunistic venture capitalists that have taken over the management of the once pretty cool, 24 Hours @ 9 mile near Wausau [now charging $340+ to ride loops on a B-/C+ civilian-tamed, carbon-friendly, domesticated mtb course, with little pay-out, and plus ya gotta buy a US Cycling License...] :)


  1. Anything that gets "organized" tends to become too expensive for little people like us. A good example of that was NORBA. How about racing a criterium for 50 minutes and having to dish out 60 dollars plus license plus having to drive for 4 hours. Never!

  2. Although always a part of a team and never solo I haven't missed a 24-9. They (GG) have decided to add a non-championship class for about $100 for solos. Too late. Shouldn't have screwed up in the first place. Bye bye.

    How about


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  4. Thank you, 24-9 was to be my first 24 solo this year and sincerely pissed when I saw no solo freak category. Wrote the GG chick and her reasonings and solutions would have been comical if it weren't such a huge goal for me to finish that race . I too am still looking for my first 24 solo venue.

  5. WEMS is the best value in the Midwest!!!!