Sunday, June 28, 2009

Metro Challenge does not disappoint...Tim Ek takes the WIN!!!! [Click on THIS to see results...]

Tim Ek and I traveled down to the WEMS Metro Challenge this weekend to partake in their 12 hour event which generously afforded both Tim and I over 125 miles of riding some pretty fun single-track, including lots of tight turns and fast corners....Eki won the whole thing in impressive style, we got to enjoy the company of some top notch fellas, and it was my first time to ever race on a single speed (Note: the SS thang was a blast, my knees are fine, and apart from getting "geared-out" on just a few flat segments, I never felt at a disadvantage!!! Plus with no gears to worry with, itz just one less thing to cloud my slightly flawed/diminished mental capacities). ...A full race recap to follow soon... Thanks WEMS guyz!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice work Charlie. Monster milk you say? I may have to give it a shot. See you @ Levis?

  2. My wife takes the singlespeed over her geared bike most of the time. She likes the no thinking part about it.
    Congrats to Eki

  3. i seem to be lacking any sort of surprise at your results. :)

  4. Great to see you again and great job!