Monday, June 15, 2009

The Pugsley ruled as no other bike could have....

The North Shore Trail has been tamed...It is now safe for civilian travel. It took me 44 hours including two bivies. I left at 10:30 on Friday morning rode 'til about 9 that evening and bivied on a flat spot on the trail. I was up and on the trail by 6:00am Saturday and rode until 9:45 pm where I hunkered down in a shelter, up early and on the go by 5:30 am on Sunday morning arriving in Grand Marais by 7:30 am on Sunday morning. Lots of swamps, high grass, lots of hike-a-bike, lots of trees down, very hilly, some angst, and zillions of bugs, I used my granny gear a lot and rode slow and easy!!!! But I made it!!!...I was most impressed with the Pugsley's ability to crawl through the swamps.....More to come........A full trip report in a few dayz with (hopefully) some pictures, as I brought my daughter's cheap camera...but I was confused by itz commands....


  1. wow. how manageable is it without a pugsley?

  2. I think a 29er with wide rims and tires (like those ones that Salsa makes)would work...but the stability of the large Marge/endomorphs was amazing...I was able to ride through mid calf deep swamps with the Pugs!!!