Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A sojourn into the Northern confines...

Into the Heart of Darkness in search of the enigmatic Kurtz

Due to commitments beyond my control I am forced to miss the most challenging COGGS sponsored Dirt Spanker MTB Race to be held on this Sunday afternoon at Mont du Lac Ski Resort. A local event put on by a wonderful group that has always successfully exploited all of my many flaws as a single-track racer. Yet it is usually the case that for the optimist, one door closing usually implies that another will swing open. Consequently, while my Sunday afternoon is spoken for, I am afforded a “free” Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. Thus a plan is hatched.

The venerable DBD member, Bill Tilman, perhaps the last great explorer of those compelling (and now sadly nonexistent) “blank spaces on earth,” over pints of Guinness, likes to entertain his minions, of which I count myself, with stories of ill-conceived sorties into wild places armed only with a little gear, food, and most importantly; a zest for adventure. So it is in his honor that I load up my Surly Pugsley with a bit of food, a bivy bag, some netting, and head up the 150 mile North Shore Trail on early Friday morning. The plan is simple: Leave my house on Friday morning and ride my bike to Grand Marais via the trail. More to come…as the departure approaches…

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