Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Amazing night...

I rode me a good one tonight. It was just me, all alone on a beautiful snow-packed trail...a silvery moon was out, it was cold but breathless, and I rode with a herd of playful deer along the Northshore Trail. They would run up ahead and then wait fer me and then bound up and over again, when I got close, and then wait and wave their bushy white tails, and then bound off again, some of them jumping so high that they went clear over the moon...and there aint no way you can tell me that they weren't out having as good-a-time as I was havin'...It was really something to behold...Without gettin' all emotional and all, suffice to say, it was a beautiful night to be out on the trail...just beautiful....Life is beautiful...there I go gettin' all emotional and all...


  1. Hey me too! Except I was on the Minnesota
    Valley sled trail Tues evening. Train yer ass off Charlie, we can't let the dang Alaskans or Westerners or Southerners win.

  2. Buffington, Kershaw and I with committment to the highest and most noble of DBD HONOR shall follow sage Pramann into the hail of enemy bullets....Together we shall vanguish the Alaskans, cage the Westerners, and enslave the Southerners and thwart the smallish ERC clan from southern Minnesota...BRAVO BRAVE PRAMANN!!!

  3. May you guys fly through the trails like dem deer.