Monday, December 21, 2009

A reprieve of sorts? A new lease on life…A reason to continue?

Dearest Charles,

We at the board of directors have consulted on your recent effort at Tuscobia and come to the conclusion that you have once again created a "stay of execution" for yourself. Along that difficult trail, your pursuit of honor for all that is DBD was admirable as well as the fear you and your people have clearly instilled in young Buffington is worth mention. However, given the Heck-of-the-North debacle and other digressions, we will need to see consistency in the upcoming months in order to remove your name from the "list of dishonor".

Several items discussed at our recent meeting are worth your thought and yet due to time constraints can be viewed in more detail upon your receipt of the meeting's minutes in due time. In sum, three notable events that did transpire cannot be postponed. Most impressive was Crazy Horse flying into a peyote-induced rage when told of your inability to close a sixty+ minute gap that existed between you and the sturdy Pramann. Secondly, Bill Tilman and old Amundeson were both reduced to tears upon the news of you pushing your bike for extended periods of time coupled with prolonged use of your controversial ‘granny-gear.’ Lastly, the ever present and perennial DBD Duluth supporter Ghandi, was physically removed after he began dismantling the main study of the Kitch Club, once he was informed that you let a Floridian beat you. As the man-servants hauled the inconsolable Mahatma to his rickshaw he was heard ranting, "This cannot be! I refused to believe it! Liars, all of you, LIARS! Farrow would never allow himself to be beaten by a southerner…Why did he not use his revolver? The shame, the shame…I'll see you all in HELL!"

Finally, Buffington's resume strengthens. We'll be contacting him shortly. As of this correspondence it seems the lad is super human.

As usual, steady the men and another finger of rum for all.

Yours respectfully,

Sir Eki


  1. Hats off to Buffington for an impressive show of grit. I tried as best I could to stay with him as we slogged through the powder on the margins on the trail, but I could not. I spent the rest of my time following his crooked tracks, trying to ride where he rode or to match his strides where he walked, but I surrendered after an embarrassingly short distance. I was humbled by the day, but I'm sure amnesia will bring me back again. I don't really know what happened to everyone else out there, but based on my observations Buffington deserves a prize for his skinny tire exploits.

  2. Congrats on all the riders that finished such a brutal event. I think that the Trans Iowa will be one of the biggest competitions in 2010. People are preparing really hard for that event. Riding that long on skinny tires is truly a mad effort. Give the guy two fingers worth of Whiskey for that one.