Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A rare find: a secret correspondence revealed...more to come.

Dearest Mallory:

As I sit here encumbered within the confines of society's expectations, I think back to the small victories and shameful tragedies that were Sunday's DBD ride. My heart soars as I reminisce about the endless miles of gravel, the countless attacks on the Fox Farm rollers designed to test Farrow and Hendricks’ resolve, and the penultimate full-on sprint to the top of Hawk's Ridge with Rich offering a concession speech at the top as Farrow faltered and wept the tears of a forlorn clown. Yet, the ride was not without its melancholic moments for I deeply regret not offering Kershaw my revolver in his time of crisis.

So, with that being said, I raise my glass and may I suggest another finger of rum for the good men, for it is them that drives me on and puts me deep into the hurt tank as we chase the folly of our dreams.

Humbly your servant,

Sir Eki - Lifetime DBD member

Bully Eki bully!!!

Well done. Hendricks has potential. Farrow continues to disappoint. Kershaw without his revolver? Any hope for the Buffington youth? These are troubling times in which we now live. Steady the men...I shall consider the extra finger of rum...

Carry on,



  1. I thought I put the revolver in Hendrick's pack.
    And I am investing in a bigger chainring and backpack. I shall find the resolve to stay with the pack next ride.

  2. No . . . No . . . Never: I shall never concede victory! What you mistook as a concession speech was the guttural sound of my tyres as they rapidly accelerated in a (somewhat) fearless attempt at victory! (that you were first up the hill is clearly of little consequence). The thunderous applause of the tifosi clearly directed at the brave rider of the orange bicycle locked in mortal combat with the rider of the dark. Onward and upward I say . . . to VICTORY!

  3. Bravo Rich....Bravo


  4. Shockey says you guys forced him to sell his stuff to buy a Pugsley.