Sunday, August 1, 2010

Jason Buffington of the DBD currently holding on to second place at the 24 Hours @ 9 Mile...

Whilst mowing my smallish lawn yesterday around dusk under the watchful eye of a discerning wife, I felt a slight fatigue in me legs and thus stopped for a brief respite. Suddenly a salty, incomprehensible watery solution began to fill my eyes...Confused, I first thought that a remnant of what is left of my house had flown into my eyes, but then reality struck. I knew that it was the bittersweet tears of the aged and washed-out warrior...For in that moment, I was confronted with an inescapable truth: That as I grumbled and tottered about mowing my little lawn, my DBD comrade was well into the most manly of endeavors--24 hours @ 9 Mile...Whilst I complain about a little mundane yardwork, BRAVE Buffington is fighting the devilish and unrelenting foes of physical exhaustion and mental doubt...Humbled, I pressed on with the mowing, but with a gait that revealed a pride in having trained with that man...such is the only comfort available to a domesticated man, a man well past his prime...with a bleak future filled only with yardwork and the like....

Update: (Sunday, 8:00 a.m.)
With just four hours left, Buffington is in second place behind the formidable Ron Stawicki....such honor is a rare thing! Bravo Buffington!!! Capital Effort!!!


  1. "a man well past his prime...with a bleak future filled only with yardwork and the like...."

    Charlie, that is such harsh reality, none the less still humoring for an older bicyclist.

  2. Could you come trim my hedges and mow my lawn, it's so hard to find the time with all this biking!


  3. Hey Charlie, hope all is well with the house work. I was in PDC a couple of weeks ago and stopped by the Prairie Peddler. While talking to Marty he mentioned that he had your hub and asked if I could give it to you when I'm up that way. As luck would have it I might be up that way in a couple of weeks if u want i could drop it off on my way to two harbors. let me know

  4. Dear Karen: That would be great!!! Plus it would be wonderful to see you!!!
    Here is my email: