Friday, November 12, 2010

A Call to Arms...Quit talking the talk and start walking the!

The good news is that so far even with over two months to go before the classic Arrowhead 135; over ninety racers have thrown their hats in the ring. Itz a great race, one event that should not be missed by any true endurance athlete!!! Kudos to Bar-Mitts, which is the newest sponsor to support this amazing challenge. Note: Look forward to a product review on Bar Mitts in the near future. Suffice to say at this point that itz a top-notch product!

The bad news is that just a hand full have signed up for Tuscobia which commences in just one month from now! What are people thinking? The Tuscobia 150 or 75 is the perfect warm-race for preparing for the Big Arrowhead Dance in early February.
Here is a short ditty to inspire people to sign up for the Tuscobia: ( )

Tuscobia Tuscobia-
a race devoid of any one with a phobia.
Itz long and dark and trying to ones soul, but…
One never has to deal with claustrophobia, homophobia, or even xenophobia.

Sign up for Tusobia, I say Tuscobia!
Or you're a big wimpoebia!

And should move to...


  1. I will get my Tuscobia entry in this weekend. I am planning on the 150, but the training has not been there. I may have to bring a tent...

  2. Dearest Farrow,

    I hope to line up for the Tuscobia, probably the 75, maybe the 150. I am waiting to make sure the holiday schedule is clear though.

    I miss you, do you miss me?