Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Politics...The Art of Power Acquisition, Holding Power, and Deception

New goal: Write up a little five minute commentary every day and publish based on what I happen to be thinking about at the time…

Modern national politics (even maybe state politics) seems like a covert insiders game played by preppy rich guyz that all went to the same prep-schools, the same fancy-pants colleges “out east,” the same Ivy League Law Schools, all play golf together, and all belong to the same country clubs. They are really pretty good about sharing the wealth and influence as long as it stays within the family. The Democrats get to have the presidency for probably six more years (then it will be the GOPs turn again), but itz now their turn to give up some congressional seats to the Republicans. But no worries as the ousted Democrats don’t have to leave Washington DC and their lavish lives of power and luxury, instead they simply go and work for the plethora of Left-leaning think tanks and lobbies for the next two or four or six years. Whilst the GOPs get to leave the Right-leaning think tanks and lobbies and head back to the Congress. To keep the peasants happy they are smart enough to let a few new guyz in every so often, but nothing that would upset the ebb and flow of the power elite. Notice how nobody talks “term-limits?” On a happier note…I got the Pugs built up and ready to go!!!


  1. Funny . . . the only thing I got out of that was: "I got the Pugs built up and ready to go!!!"

  2. Here's two new goals for you:

    1. Try to get yourself reinstated into the DBD.
    2. Go for a bike ride with Eki.

  3. That just gave me an instant headache. I am off the computer and outside for a ride in the dark.

  4. This is why I wrote you in for Governor today.