Friday, January 28, 2011

"Don't wait up fer me, Honey...this may take awhile."

Wish me luck as I am off to go race my 37th Arrowhead 135. Back when we first did this race fer the first time, America had just made the world safe for democracy (and investment bankers) by ridding it of them fascists, Nazis, Tojo, liberals, tree-huggers, gun-control pot smoking hippies, and a host of other nasty types— Pramann was young and unstoppable and folks got along. Back then...We didn’t allow them runners or skiers or Alaskans or clown-bikes to wreck the trail and we didn’t judge a MAN solely by how wide his rim was…Back when Pramann ruled the roost...A man was judged simply by his character and how many beers he bought me at the bar the night before the race. Now these young ones…all they care about is carbon forks, high energy nutrition, and whether or not they can get cell phone reception. Well I’m going anyway cuz I can’t do nuthin’ else... I'm too slow to road race, too clutzy to mtb race, I only run from the cops and I sure as heck aint gonna do no TRIATHLON…so wish me luck cuz I sure am gonna need it!


  1. dem were the days
    Good luck Charlie
    Follow the race results here

  2. you crack me up charlie! good luck and show 'em all who's in charge!

  3. good luck charlie.