Thursday, January 13, 2011

Like a newly hatched chick, growing honor is a tricky endeavor!

A fledgling precarious dignity with a mere smidgen of honor is detected as a fallen man begins the long awkward crawl out of the depths of despair and debasement. For there is a trace of hope as long as he still holds visions, albeit dim and blurry, of future velo-challenges. Perhaps he can regain honor lost and reconcile with his DBD compatriots? After all, the country is beginning to forgive Nixon, perhaps this broken man too can one day walk erect with head held high at endurance-cycling events without fear of ridicule and chastisement? Perhaps renewal lies in a job well done at the soon to commence classic Arrowhead 135 or even racing the 2nd annual Trans-Wisconsin that commences on June 17th?


  1. Dearest Hondo, I did receive your patch and I thank you for the prompt return. The others (and you know who they are) were calling for a "burn ceremony", but alas once again, Crazy Horse stepped in and put an end to the maniacal scene. Once order was restored in the Kitch's study Mallory called for a moment of silence. However, quiet was hard to come by as Big Buff had just entered the room. Shakelton immediately called for "3 CHEERS FOR BUFFINGTON, 3 CHEERS FOR BUFFINGTON!!!". The place absolutely erupted. I openly wept as they hoisted the stalwart lad upon their shoulders. I wept I say...

  2. Thank you dear Sir Eki...Thank you old boy from the bottom of my broken heart. I rue the day that let young Buffington in...I knew it meant the end of me. Forget me dear friend, forget all about me. Itz better that way for a man with NO HONOR is like a ship adrift upon the open seas with no rudder nor sail...Look away for I am hideous...C

  3. But we still love you Charlie!

    Onwards to recovery.

  4. Get over your self-pity. Charlie at your age men have won that silly AH 135 by hours! You can come back to honor.

  5. A step towards regaining your honor would be posting this year's The List. We all know who won't be on it.