Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gettin' it right for Iowa aint no easy task...

It is more difficult and more bitter when a man fails alone.”

Dear Self:
Getting ready for the Trans-Iowa. Quit foolin’ & deludin’ yourself about how you ain’t racing it… that instead you be out there just tryin’ to finish.  It don’t work that way down there in Iowa.  It ain't your race...your are just a pawn. Get it right—The whole thing is about racing. You are racing against it all fallin’ apart. Sooner or later itz gonna fall apart.  “Things fall apart.”
Like you, your gear is antiquated so you’re racin’ against stuff thatz gonna break sooner rather than later. You’re racing against flat tires and broken chains and trashed derailleurs… You’re racing against the onset of knee pain, against Achilles pain. You’re racing and hoping that your fragile back holds up. Itz like when the Wicked Witch of the North gotz Dorothy all locked up in that creepy castle and she getz that big-ass hour glass thingy going; puttin’ little Dorothy on notice that she aint got much ‘time” left here on earth, so she better get moving…You better get moving…You’re racing against the onset of darkness and then itz buddy, The Cold that seeps into your body. The merciless cold that invades your aged joints, the coldness that infiltrates into your true essence and robs you of your desire to keep going. AND you be racing against the most awesome foe of all…Racing against the most basic need of all…The need to stop the damned bike and sleep.  “Things fall apart. The center cannot hold.” You’re like Dorothy, hoping and a praying that you can outlast them flying monkeys.  Scare me.
Also, you aint gonna race this thing on hour own.  The mantra of “me gonna ride my own race” doesn’t apply to the Trans-Iowa.  If you want to finish the Trans-Iowa your going have to form some coalitions, alliances, you will need to caucus…because going it alone is just too hard.  Get your head right!


  1. Though finishing solo would be a great exercise in flushing out all the junk that floats in our heads. The Trans Iowa is the mental race for me.
    Oil the chain, check for cuts in the tires, lube that little chamois and just go.

  2. Dear Sir ,, (Mr.Farrow)
    I hate to disagree with Achebe.
    I would rather fail alone and succeed with friends.
    Also, sometimes things work out!
    Remember there is a checkpoint "Charlie" in Trans Iowa this year.

  3. Charlie - wise words to me the day after. Your's and Eki's post are spot on. It was an honor to spend time with the DBD brotherhood in Iowa this weekend!