Monday, April 30, 2012

The Trans-Iowa is a very difficult race to complete.

 The above is a visual representation of the Dance of the Macabre. The painting depicts a pair of vanguard demons and a cart waiting to haul away the damned.  I was one of those being hauled this weekend.  No excuses, plenty of regret; yet only admiration for those brave nineteen men that battled through it all and came back to Grinnell...true heroes in my mind...Bravo finishers and special kudos to G.T. and his fine crew...WOW that is a HARD RACE...A full race report to follow within a few dayz..."My friends are all gettin' older, guess I must be gettin' older too...I feel like a cross between my parents and hippies living in a tent...." (lyrics stuck in my head during my abbreviated Trans-Iowa...)


  1. Charlie-it was great to meet you and Max on the ride. Sorry you got off course after bravo checkpoint as Scott, Aaron and I kept looking to see your headlights coming-wish you would have came! Awesome ride nevertheless.

    Bruce Currin

  2. A cross between your parents and hippies living in a tent isn't a bad place to be in life, is it? Sort of what I'm striving for, personally.

    All I kept thinking was "things fall apart" And they did, dang sleep monster. But I'd just pop another gummy cherry in my mouth, gather the pieces, and sprint another climb till it was done.

    Great seeing you out there, buddy!