Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nipigon Rider pays high price for honor...

In his Quixotic quest to regain honor lost, the controversial cyclist unofficially credited by the DBD with the first circumnavigation of the fabled Lake Mallory (previously referred to as Nipigon) has been stricken with the dreaded Giardia. To make matters worse, the cure is in many ways just as debilitating as the disease for the best way to kill these deviously ravenous little beasts is to hit them hard with many doses of Methronidazole.  When on this drug, the stricken one cannot drink any beverages using fermented barley, grain, and hops. A mere shell of a once proud man, Farrow wept inconsolable tears as they forced the pills down his gullet and then dragged him away...He was heard to faintly call out in a feeble voice, "the horror, the horror." So sad. (Source: DBD Chronicles)


  1. I'd have thought that your gut fauna would be well hardened and up for any challenge after all the fetid things you've drunk, but, as we age, our natural defenses do tend to break down.

  2. Well, that's the sh... I mean, that's bad.

  3. That's what all the prescriptions medication warnings say. it's lawyer speak. One beer, or a couple, is not going to hurt ya. jrb