Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Minnesota 24 did not disappoint...

Selected Minutes from a recently held meeting of the DBD Honor Board:
Note: The Board was unable to form a quorum as both Shackleton and Mallory were not in attendance. Shackleton is on a fact finding trip to Alaska, specifically trekking along the southern aspect of the Iditarod Trail in search of a Mr. Gauld’s nose and Mallory is pursuing a long held dream of his to bicycle to and then solo climb K2 without the aid of any equipment manufactured after 1920.

Proceedings included a brief summation of a recent endurance event:

…The inaugural Minnesota 24 Hour Race held at Memorial Park in Red Wing this last weekend did not disappoint. Both Buffington and Farrow attended representing the secretive and highly exclusive DBD Adventure Society.  While the course was short (one could easily turn a lap in under forty, even thirty—five minutes), it was quite exhilarating as it included many high speed, banked roller-coaster turns and fast descents. Regarding our people; while their efforts did not result in any noteworthy honor or glory for the Society, they did both conduct themselves as gentleman competitors committed to representing the Society in a manner that did not detract in any way from our principals of steadfast integrity or death.  
As many of you know in recent months Buffington’s name has become synonymous with lofty, manly, victorious, deeds winning many challenges and thus bestowing great honor upon the local Duluth Chapter of the DBD. But alas in Red Wing, he was hampered by a bout of melancholia exacerbated by recent exposures to the dreaded bordetella parapertussis bacteria.  Even so he still turned in an effort of which any normal man would be proud. Whilst attempting to revive himself using the recuperative powers of liquidified fermented barley and hops, upon each and every arrival of the elder Farrow to their pit-area, Buffington was always responsive to the old man’s needs, offering both physical and psychological support.  Look for Buffington to destroy the field at his next race venue for a man such as he, a champion, rarely accepts defeat more than once a season. 

In contrast Farrow (whose decline of late has been well documented), to the relief of many Society members, was able to finally put together an effort that can survive the scrutiny of the high standards set by our guiding principles of potius mori quam foedare. He did well on a single speed Pugsley turning 26 laps.  He did faulter at 3:00 a.m. after seventeen hours of riding, taking a nap, yet the kindly Buffington rousted him up and had him back on track after a three hour respite. The both of them rode together on the last lap, a time together that meant a lot to the old man.  Crossing the finish line together was a wonderful thing...Note: Rumors of microscopic tears were apparent though both men adamantly deny any such display of public emotion. Of course any such public display of emotion are strictly forbidden by DBD protocol.

However, the fact of the matter is that the day belonged to Charles Parsons of the Angry Catfish Club, a group out of Minneapolis.  Parsons has always been a dedicated endurance athlete endowed with true grit (several times a finisher at the Trans-Iowa), but this season he has taken his performances to the next level.  He was mounted upon a single-speed and yet he won the overall solo title, turning an impressive 34 laps!  He won the event in impressive style all the while maintaining a humble and amicable relationship with all in his sphere.  Look for Parsons to be a factor at the upcoming Arrowhead 135.

The DBD Adventure Society formally issues him a heartfelt: “BRAVO Charles Parsons! Bravo!”

Also worthy of mention: Greg Leschisin of Colorado, Kaleb Himli of Spring Valley, Dean McCauley of Ely (52 years old), and Rob Herrman of Angry Catfish. The above all conducted themselves as gentlemen/athletes during the 24 hour event and the DBD is proud to call them “friends of the DBD” and thus bestow upon them the coveted title of “Persons of Interest to the DBD.” Note: Parsons also is now considered a Person of Interest to the DBD.
The DBD also wishes to publicly thank Muddy Paws Racing for putting on a very well organized and fun race…Bravo.

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