Monday, August 20, 2012

Racing within my ability range....

Never won anything in my life…but maybe someday?
I had a funny conversation with a real nice guy (of whom I rarely get to see), during my kid’s bike race over at Mont du Lac this last Sunday.  I was lamenting about how pathetically slow I am on techy, fast single track and so being the nice guy that he is; he said something like, “Well I am sure that back in the day you were really fast.”

His comment had the cathartic effect of compelling me to recall that I have never been fast, never been worth a damn on techy singletrack, and that I have never won any sort of athletic contest in my life.  This thought brought great comfort to my troubled soul...

It must be tough for guyz that were really fast in their youth and as they age they are forced to concede the thrill of victory to their younger rivals, but for a guy that has never been fast, the transition to bit player is much easier.  In other words to go from being a mid-pack rider to a back-of–the pack rider does not require a wholesale change in ones philosophy. 

Armed with this renewed appreciation of moderate expectation, I went on to have a great race (given my standard) later in the day. As I rode through the excellent, thrilling course at Mont du Lac, I smiled as my heart soared for I still love mountain bike racing…Thanks COGGS….


  1. Bravo Old Man!!!

  2. it really was a wonderful day. and the climb was sooo amazing, it really didnt feel like mtbing in the midwest at all. oh and it was rad meeting yer family at fitgers to top off a great day!