Sunday, March 24, 2013

DBD Issued gear for the recent foray in Alaska Part II

First layer for hand warmth was a pair of light army-surplus wool mitts, Second layer was a pair of double wool mitts that are very well made.   Third was my trusty Granite Gear mitts...I never had to use 'em...For head gear I went with two hats, two face masks, and two neck gaors

I love that jersey....pockets in the front and back

First layer was an old wool long sleeve undershirt. Second layer was my trusty wool jersey (circa 1978).  Third layer was my old Patagonia ninja with hood (circa 1990).  

Manly footwear...I started with a pair of craft wool socks, then a pair of stout vapor barrier socks, then the Lake Winter boots and then a 40-Below overboot that I have used many times up in the big cold mountains. I bought those overboots in 1989...

To protect my nether area I used a good pair of bibs. I brought a pair of patogonia underwear, but I never used them.  I wore my circa 1970s "woolies" the whole way and they worked great. Thanks to Kevin Kenny of Empire Canvas for putting in some size zips.  

I went with three light weight water bottles and a 40 fl. oz. thermos.  I was able to bring 100 fl oz and that seemed good enough.  

A man needs to do his homework to prepare for the Iditarod. Read what Mallory, Mawson, Shackleton, and the Boyz were up against and then "buck-up," cuz what your doing aint nothing special!


  1. Nowhere do I see the revolver alleged to accompany all (supposed) DBD members on such expeditions.

  2. Point well taken. It is true that each and every DBD Man must have his revolver in close proximity in the event of the potential for self-dishonorment...We now are forced to hide your revolvers do to the liberals, of whom want to take our revolvers away and give us counseling instead!

  3. Hmmm There seems to be some unidentified object in every picture except the last two.

  4. Charlie, you are a uniquely cool cat! It was a pleasure to spend some time with you on the trail. I hope that our paths cross many more times!
    Ken Zylstra