Sunday, March 24, 2013

DBD Issued gear for recent foray in Alaska Part I

Due to several requests, I have reluctantly decided to let the general public in on how a highly trained DBD man dresses for the Alaskan race from Knik to McGrath.  First, obtain a loyal man-dog that idolizes you. Second, get a good pair of bibs with a hefty chamois, red are best because they make you go faster and women will think that you have money.  Then get a pair of light wool socks.  Then put on an old wool long sleeve T-shirt.  Be careful with this layer, it is the kind that your wife is gonna try to throw out or give to the Salvation Army.  Never wash this layer, because it will allow your wife to find it.

Wear over the light wool socks a pair of vapor barrier socks.  The ones pictured are from a company with initials, something like RHL.  In any event they work great. Then add a very old wool cycling jersey, the one I use has pockets in the front and back.  I had it shortened too much a few years it makes me look silly, but I still love it.  Again hide these kinds of shirts/jerseys from your wife as she will try to discard them.  Add over the bibs a pair of manly woolies. The ones pictured were my Dad's until I stole them many many years ago.  Kevin Kinney added side zips so they are now modern. On this race I brought two hats and two face masks and two neck 'gaters.  Finish off the torso with a thick Patagonia ninja top and the footwear with Lake Boots and 40 Below Overboots if it getz cold.  Top it all off with a very old down sweater.  Note the admiring Man-dog.


  1. you are insane, i will never look at you the same again,,,if i meet you again, Dave J

  2. I highly doubt anybody else was dressed like you were. I have studied all your items and they just show how much experience and time you have spent outdoors. Congrats and the Slender Fungus is excited to see you in the blood fields of the Grand State of Iowa.