Saturday, February 14, 2009

At my age...there aint no time to sit back, so we are back in the saddle, me and Eki Hondo

It don't mean nothing, it don't pay the bills, and it certainly ain't gonna stimulate the economy but itz what Eki and I do, so we left at 4:30 a.m. with cold, but tolerable temps for what we hoped would be a Trans-Iowa kick-off HONDO work-out (and/or about 8 hours on THE ROAD), but Eki's pedal broke about 30 miles into it and so we had to settle for a little 5+ hour effort. Of course riding with one pedal afforded Eki a relatively "stout" effort...It was probably for the best as I am scheduled to take "off-spring" winter camping today, leaving in one hour...

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  1. Hey did I see you guys roll by my house on this ride? AM around 8 or so? The riding in the park has been outrageous. The ski trails are firm enough that you dont even dent them, the snowshoe trails are heavenly etc.