Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gear Report Card while itz still burned in my fragile mind

Craft base layer top A+ ; Craft top XC jacket C (did not breathe as advertised); Wool tights with chamois C (fabric worked great, chamois was not gentle nor empathic, chapping occurred...); Craft wind-proof pants A+ ; Dachstein Wool socks A+; Surly wool cycling socks A+; Lake boots B+ (An "A" during the day, but my feet got real cold at night with 17 below, but thatz sans neoprene overboots); Kevin Kinney's and Granite Gear Mitts both earn As, I used the Vulpine mitts (made right here in Duluth, Minnesota) during the first half and the Granite Gear mitts for the second half...both worked as advertised!; Old school Prolog wool jersey modified for bladder in the back by Kevin Kinney and front pockets sewed by Tailor Modifications here in Duluth, Minnesota, worked great A+ (although a water bottle full of Ensure leaked and soaked me during the first half, so the water bottle gets an F); Old school heavy wool hat A+ repaired by Ann Sanford, my neighbor here in Duluth, Minnesota; Surly Pugsley A++ designed by Dave Gray of Minnesota [I am sure that I could have finished it on my trusty Gunnar (built in Wisconsin) but it would have taken a lot longer]. Patagonia Ninja Warrior top with built in face mask A+++ (I always say itz the best piece of gear that I own, of course they don't make it it goes). More notes on gear once my head thaws...


  1. patagonia now makes a top with a face mask and thumbholes. I am waiting for one. Assos also made an excellent top with a balaclava and they discontinued it.

  2. Surly Pugsley A+? you've converted. Now you know that while you were taking all those cheap shots as those of us with "clown bikes", we were letting it bounce off of us and snickering at you for being so naive.

  3. Last year Charlie actually rode something like 165 miles with all the twisting and turning he was doing!