Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Burden of leadership...

The burden of leadership does have its rewards, on occasion.

DBD Outing report: Saturday, November 13th, a wintery mix with a compliment of strong winds. In perfect weather, the mission was to complete seven to eight hours of gravel/off-road riding on the Pugsleys (or the like) in preparation for Tuscobia and the Arrowhead 135. My two charges arrived on time @ the secret DBD rendezvous point at the standard DBD departure time (5:15 a.m.). Note: One was indeed late by a few minutes (which is unacceptable and thus a punishable offense), but was able to convince the author that the tardy resulted from a seemingly inexplicable crossing of the ways without visible recognition. Against my better judgement, I let the matter die upon reminding the offender that if it happens again, I'll have him shackled and introduced to my leather lash! The men, not unlike impetuous sled dogs, uncomplicated and singular in their intellect and approach, were nervous and anxious for the austere movement that is characteristic of propelling a bicycle forward. Yet, loyal to their leader, as I gave the signal to commence "onward boyz!", these men-of-action unflinchingly responded in earnest. Note: I would be negligent in my reporting to not convey a faint sense of pride or a vague feeling of "job-well-done" as I led them out of the city of old Duluth and into the hinterlands-- for undeniably REAL progress, over the last couple years, with these common-folk, has been noteworthy. Keenly aware of their propensity to go too hard at the start of these endeavors and thus expending vital energy resources that would be needed later on, I reined them in to a more moderate pace. All went well with nary a complaint or falter from my obedient subjects. On only one occasion did I have to threaten one with a beating, upon which he quickly backed down and fell into order. In summary: Mission complete. Preparation for success @ Tuscubia and Arrowhead continues unabated as these simple, yet brave men respond well to solid leadership and definitive parameters. Note: Though nipple-shrouds are now banned for use on DBD excursions, I did not take the time to check my charges.

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  1. Hi,

    I moved to Ashland this spring and as I am doing Arrowhead this winter (I finished in 09 too) and am looking for people to ride with in order to keep motivation up.

    If I remember right you're from Duluth. I could make the trip over there to do some riding at some point this winter.

    Let me know if you're interested joeldaustin@gmail.com