Friday, November 26, 2010

I feel like I have paid my dues in this particular area of the ART OF LIVING!!!

After doing battle twice now on the main line and surviving to live another day, gives a guy a new lease on life; greens are greener; the air is sweeter; the beer is beerier...Such is the current state of my life...But the fact is that I'd like be done with that part of my life now...

To be more specific—
On Sunday last, mid-morning, I noticed a faint albeit ominous sewer odor emanating from a very large sump pit that lies within the cement flooring of my tuck-under garage (the house is nearly 100 years old). As I levered off the large manhole cover, I was ambushed by a foulness that was shocking to behold. The whole pit was full to the brim of backed up sewage. Noting that the sewage was above the pipe that sends excess drainage into yet another smaller sump pit, I then pulled off that manhole cover as well to find it full of toilet water as well. It looked as if I was literally minutes away from having the foulness gathering enough force to break its septic confines and breech the walls and gain a foothold into my garage. Had I not been tipped off by the odor, my garage would have been flooded with human waste and the like. With grim determination, I began to bail the chunky sewage into two large ten gallon buckets, and when filled, I would run the buckets down the hill and dump into a ravine that culminates in a small drainage stream. Over and over I repeated this grim task...Finally I began to negotiate a stalemate and thus buy enough time until the Roto Rooter guy showed up with his mechanical snake (and credit card acceptance machine). Suffice to say that the emergency was over. Yet a lesson was learned, but I am not sure who learned it or what it was?...Such is the curse of growing older. Note: This is the second time in my adult life that I have been forced to do this kind of thing, so I feel like I should NOT have to do this kind of thing ever again!
Happy Thank-giving everyone!!!


  1. I'm confused, was this another DBD ride? It sounds much like I imagine them to be.

  2. Is the mechanical snake the hose from a Camelbak?
    Is this an encoded message?

    please explain,

  3. I will never ride up Congdon Creek again, for it has now been beFarrowed to a degree from which it cannot return. Ever.

  4. I'm worried about next year's smelt run.

  5. So classic...all the LIBERAL Tree-huggers are worried about the environs!!! What about my GOD-given right to be KING over my domain??
    CPFarrow, American Patriot,Lover of Liberty, and the NFL....

  6. farrow. whats up my friend. alex haapanen here. former student and admire (still the later). hope your doing well and totally agree with the last comment you put. i will have to come visit u soon to get caught up. hope your enjoying my sister in class this year. have a great christmas season.

    alex Haapanen