Monday, December 13, 2010

More disturbing disclosures from WikiLeaks:

Dear Comrades: On Friday past I made a plan to ride my snowbike for four hours on the local snowmobile trails near Esko whilst offspring engaged in equestrian pursuits. The snow was unconsolidated and hard to ride on...but I pressed on as it was to be my last training ride per se before Tuscobia. Then about only two hours into the ride my manly groin area began to cramp up in a must painful manner, to the point that I was forced off the bike into a walking mode. As I shamefully pushed the bike, my left calf (injured a few weeks ago) began to give me considerable trouble. Two hours into it and I was cramping and limping along...I wept as I considered the 150 miles that awaits me on this Friday. My question: Should I rely on me old British WWI revolver?

P.s. Furthermore: Dear Men-of-Action;
Should I fail to finish the Tuscobia race and the wolves, et. al., do not do their business in due time, please wrap me corpse in a man-diaper (see pannier on left front fork) and relocate to the quaint shores of Wonder Lake near the northern rampart of Denali.
Try to obtain the services of Mallory and/or Shackleton to say a few words over me tattered remains. Also, please continue my efforts to have old Lenz officially recognized as a man in good standing with the DBD.



  1. We will wrap your remains with the cloth from the collapsed metrodome.
    best of lucks,

  2. Maybe this is the gods way of telling you that you are ready to join me in the simplest of endeavors...sled hauling by foot.