Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm done defending Lance, the judicial system, etc. I am now going to throw all my energy into getting Mrs. Palin as the GOP's answer to Obama."
Above is the link to a top notch paper written by two really smart guyz at Butler University. If ya get a chance check it out...based on the acronym CRITIC...
Whatz the Claim;
Whatz the Role of the Claimant;
Whatz the Information backing up the Claim;
Is the Claim able to be Tested;
Is there Independent testing available?
Whatz your Conclusion as to the Claim?

Apply and/or compare via Hamilton's Claim versus that of Lance's Claim; if ya wanna...Or Trump's versus Obama's...Or Socrates versus the State...Or Surgeon General v. Phillip Morris...or...


  1. The whole Lance v.s. Landis v.s. Hamilton thing...Who's finally telling the truth?

  2. The truth is that...We believe what we want to believe....My dream for you, Kyia, is for your baby to one day ask you; "Mommie what WAS war?"
    Best regards,