Tuesday, March 25, 2008

An Open Invitation...

Dear Dave Simons and other friends, et al: ...Spencer K and I are in the very early stages of putting together a trip from my house (in Duluth) up to Grand Marais and then over to Ely and then loop back to Duluth; initially following the North Shore "multi-use" trail, and then other MN DNR trails (paid for by the good tax-payers of the state of Minnesota). In a symbolic gesture of tolerance and civility, we have generously decided to allow snowmobilers to share the trail with us w/o a permit...We are looking at the four or five days between Christmas and New Years...The goal is to go 300+ miles!!!! You are welcome to join us, as is anybody else out there...Dave: the lack of sleep that you will soon experience as a new daddy with make for great training!!! Mark your calendar and start training...as there is so many adventures and yet so little time :)

Fondly, Charlie

ps Everything I do in life is in preparation for that epic ride I'm gonna take from Anchorage to Nome!!!!


  1. That sounds like a great plan! I hope I can get the time off from work. If so, count me in!

  2. sounds wacked...i'm in. although the flying public may demand only a few days in the bush and not more whatever. perhaps drop a line to evingson in case he's around for holidays or something....love dave p

  3. Sounds like a cool idea. One question? Grand Marais to Ely....is there a snowmobile route between the two? From what I know of the area, I'm thinking the only way to get from one to the other is to cross through the Boundary Waters Wilderness? Even though bikes aren't motorized, I would bet the forest service would frown on that. I would guess the only way by snowmobile trail from the North Shore Trail to Ely is by going north out of Two Harbors. Or take Superior National Forest Service Roads that connect up to the Sawbill Trail north of Tofte. Most of those aren't plowed in the winter, but may have snowmobile traffic.

  4. I would go to Finland and hook a left. That should still be around 300 miles I think, with all the twists and turns.