Friday, March 21, 2008

Spending time in the Team Marat hurt tank...

Marat, friend of Robespierre, Jacobin deputy to the Convention, hard core endurofreak-cyclist and editor-in-chief of L'Ami du Peuple, was a fiery orator; he was also a violent man, quick to take offense. Some saw him as an intransigent patriot; for others he was merely a hateful demagogue On July 13, 1793, a young Royalist from Caen, Charlotte Corday, managed, by a clever subterfuge, to gain entry into his apartment. When Marat agreed to receive her, she stabbed him in his bathtub (hence the 'hurt tank', where he was accustomed to sit hour after hour treating the disfiguring skin disease from which he suffered due to hours upon hours in the saddle.

Feeding the Rat:
“You don’t get a Hondo.” Got me a long ride in today, even spent some practice time in the proverbial Marat hurt tank which is a good thing cuz in five weeks time, I’ll be in the hurt tub up to my eye-balls…

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