Thursday, March 27, 2008


“They have loss their ability to feel.” -Washington Post.

“They were so devoid of feeling—it was devastating, yet I couldn’t put it down.”Harvard Literary Review

The antagonist, Hondo, in the scene where he has his tongue removed, I wept the tears of all humanity.”The New York Times

“Eki, the sensible one, I submit, was the most tragic figure, he gave all of it up, all his love, all his emotions, and everything was sacrificed for the road. At the end there is nothing left only hollowness and the endless chafing…Farrow is a genius, yet so grim and so pessimistic… truly a great first literary effort.”Chicago Sun-Times

"This his first novel, The Unfeeling Ones—through this story of two ordinary men who unwittingly get drawn into a senseless bike race across the barrens of Iowa, Farrow explores the underbelly of amateur cycling in what he terms“the nakedness of men faced with the absurd.”
-Yale Journal of Literature

Feeding the Rat: Itz over...with fours weeks to go...for me itz all about the rest and recovery...if you are still training after Sunday, March 30...U gonna be a hurtin' cowboy!!!!

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