Thursday, March 27, 2008

In my world, bad is I am fired up!!!

Recent Course Report by the Race Director of the Trans-Iowa IV:
03/30/08: The course has been locked in and we will be providing some timing details and mileages soon. For now you can check out my report here. I can say that the final mileage will put it right at the longest course I have ever plotted for a Trans Iowa. (Only V2 was planned as a longer course, but no one even got into the second half of that one) I can also say without question that it is the toughest course we have come up with so far. One of the reasons for the length is the re-route I had to do to get us into Decorah and avoid the Decorah Time Trials being held the same day we finish on. The toughness comes in that there are less flats and the ravages of winter have left much of the course in very poor shape. (Other parts are in excellent shape) Weather will determine how poor things are or are not for T.I.V4...As my dear students' like to say: SWEET!!!!


  1. Bring on the bad. My thoughts were very close to yours after reading G-Ted's post this morning. Scott.

  2. GT doesn't know tough. Try having your tounge removed and losing all ability to FEEL; for the road. I am hollow, I am slack jawed, I no longer feel...