Thursday, April 3, 2008

What to do???

Second guessing, no third guessing, no fourth guessing…

I am obsessed right now with the following BIG TIME questions:
1.) Whatz the best bike to bring to Iowa?
2.) What are the best tires to ride on in Iowa?
3.) What beer (which could be my last) to drink on the night before I leave for 300+ miles across rural Iowa?
4.) What to have done with my bones if I
don't get out of Iowa alive...

Note: I am not worried about wheels because being a committed aficionado to the 29 inch wheel movement; all my wheel-sets are interchangeable with both my Gunnar & Kelly. But I certainly appreciate the power of the tire…at the Arrowhead 135, the boyz left me partly cuz I had the wrong tires…so it goes


  1. 3. Storm King Stout-Victory Brewing...dave p

  2. Michelob ultra - dave p

  3. 1. The one you would least likely throw in the ditch in disgust after a mechanical disaster.

    2.The tire easist to dismount,repair, remount, inflate - in that order.

    3.The least colorful coming back up when you leave it all on the course.

    4.Pig feed.

    Don't blame me, you asked.

  4. I'm drinking some New Belgium Mothership Wit at the moment and it's pretty damn good. Boulevard Pale Ale is another favorite. YOu're on your own for tire selection. I like IRC Mythos on my Karate Monkey. For a cross tire I dunno. Good Luck! P.S. I found your blog while looking at Arrowhead 135 stuff.