Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2nd Runner-up in a rather ragged ending to the Trans-Iowa

The aptly named Mr. Gorilla was named Mr. Trans-Iowa IV after an abridged and ragged finish around the 20 hour mark (due to impassable roads)... While the call was very close and somewhat subjective and arbitrary; given the powerful youth's propensity for riding at the front and dominating climbing skills, his right to the victory simply cannot be argued. Of course, the aging author cannot help but to surmise "what might have been" had the event not been cut short by some 80+ miles. But alas, only retirees look back... and so it goes...Expect a fully embellished race report in a few days...

Many thanks to Guitar Ted and his band of merry Iowans that made this such a great event for all involved...It is people like Guitar Ted and his trusty companions that are truly giving back to the sport of cycling. Many of them worked harder and were more sleep deprived than the riders. I hope they have it in them to put one on again next year!!!! It requires a massive amount of labor and money to put on an event like the Trans-Iowa...Therefore I want to again publicly thank all involved...

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  1. Well now, you'll have to go back when they do the whole REAL race.
    You da Man.