Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Trans-Iowa Study Group

CP Farrow’s Strategy for Victory @ The Trans-Iowa IV Race

Working draft [April 14th, 2008]:
Classified Document

Trans-Iowa Race: XXXXXX
345 mile loop on gravel and dirt roads…
Charlie Farrow

Theory: When one approaches a 24+ hour road race alone, he or she is essentially forced into XXXXX XXXX, any XXXX XXXXX of whom are XXXX into XXXXX to the whims of the XXXX consensus. For example, if the XXXXXX decides to XXXXXXXXX to XXXXX, one is essentially XXXX to XXXX. We can XXXXX dare to XXXX the XXXX and yet still benefit for XXXXXX. XXXXX committed guyz whether, not weather, XXXXXX together XXXXX, but even with XXXXXX working in XXXX can XXX , XXX wet gravel, tires, XXXXX, significant XXXXX. For example, by XXXXX, even if can only XXXXX by just XXXXXX could very well be the difference between XXXXX the race and XXXXXXX. In summary: XXXXX into the waiting arms of the grim demons that await all during the agony of the long harsh Iowa night…

Commentary (assumptions and limitations): Experience has taught me that in these super long events if XXXXXX. Of course, experience has also shown that XXXXX are unpredictable…I will be surprised if XXXXX first XXXXX. It is an appropriate assumption XXXXX will XXXXX for the weather, I do not think that XXX from Wisconsin has a XXX (s) to XXX him so he will XXX and therefore XXXX, I suppose XXXX (the guy that has XXXXX in the past and that was in the lead XXXXX XXXXXX Seattle? could potentially XXXX with his strength. XXXX will need to assess his strength XXXXX. Of course, surely there will be someone else in the mix (XXXXX, but talented and motivated rider) that will play a significant role in the unfolding drama but at this point it’s all speculation on who that might be. XXXX himself during the long forlorn night… sore knee, XXXXX, XXXXX, lots of cream, XXXXX!
1.) My ultimate goal XXXX among the racers…Yet, if the XXXXXX presents itself, at the later stages in the race, I am committed XXXXXXXX This XXXX should the opportunity present itself is based on the XXXXXX that if I am lucky and other more capable riders are unlucky, then XXX could XXXX this XXXX…stranger things have happened!!! A band of brothers, XXXX, XXX, XXX, XXXXX.

2.) As stated above, at Mile 207.25 (aka Check Point #2) when one receives the last cue sheet with the directions to the finish some 138 miles down the road, my goal XXXXX. XXXXX being in the XXXXX Again, the hope is that XXXX get to Check Point #2. In any event, I am therefore committed to XXXXX, unless it is obvious XXXX too fast and/or wet. XXXX XXXX tires.

3.) Another goal is to maintain XXXXX those moments of despair and agony (XXXX Capote referred to so elegantly as the “mean reds” that come with the setting of the sun).

4.) Another goal XXXXXXXXX is forced to sell his soul for the XXXX of the XXXXX.

5.) If things do not go well for me, I still want to be in a position XXXX as possible…

Note: the scenarios below are based on the idea XXXX for purposes of crafting a plan-of-action are essentially essential XXXXX… (A) The start to the 109 mile mark, or Check point #1; (B) 109 mile mark to the 200 mile mark, or Check Point #2; (C) From Check Point #2 to the Finish Line in Decorah


XXXX case scenario: XXXXXXXX

Note: Sorry, but as you can see much of what has been written above has fallen victim to censors....it is my sincere hope that someday, a day when the world is a safer place, we will be able to present an unabridged version of this important policy statement.

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